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"We engaged in a relationship with Joyce in January 2016 to bring order and beauty to the kitchen, dining room, and living room of our condo. We needed professional advice about how to position furniture that we already owned while also addressing issues like functionality and lighting. Joyce started by creating a complete design, aligning colors and furniture options while working with us to stay within our budget for this project. A lot of the time this project took was due to changes in our kitchen counter which required engagement with professionals to remove and replace our countertop and then to add decorative tile. The functionality of this area of our condo has improved dramatically, while also adding a design flair that we would have never imagined on our own. In each phase of the project we found Joyce to have patience, vision, and budget-awareness. Now that this project has been completed, each time we enter this space we marvel at how Joyce's design has enhanced our lifestyle."


– Robert  H.



"We started our remodeling project with Joyce in early 2016. We wanted advice and guidance to create a complete solution and we received both from Joyce ... and more. She took the time to understand our goals, our budget, and any preferences we had. Right away it was clear that the time we have spent traveling in Asia was an important part of the design we would like to see, and Joyce found some very creative ways to bring that bias into the design. While we were very interested in achieving a great look, functionality was also very important, since the areas that were the focus of this project were the ones that we use extensively as a part of our lifestyle."


– Donna H.



"Joyce was great with design choices, understanding my taste and likes, and working with my budget. I could not have done it without her. I highly recommend her for all of your design needs."


– Tiffany H.



"Joyce worked very well with us, maintaining a positive relationship through thorough communication. She has a great sense of what we wanted and kept us on track for that goal. I had a lot of distractions, but she maintained the specific and overall foci for each aspect of our construction. Joyce kept the budget within reason without making us feel like we had to break the bank. Thanks to her our house is looking outstanding, and I look forward to her input for years to come!"


– Terry S.



"Highly recommend! Joyce is great to work with, responsive, easy to communicate with, and has the creativity mindset to think big picture. She's transformed my home to one that I am proud to come home to."


– Melissa M.


"We enjoyed getting to know Joyce, and welcomed her leadership in transforming our home. We love the results, and are very satisfied with everything."


–Jim W.



"I hired Joyce on behalf of our HOA to update our exterior paint color palette (siding, trim, accents). We wanted to maintain a cohesive, coastal feel in keeping with the original design of our neighborhood, but refresh the colors and give homeowners more options. Joyce did a great job for us and was extremely responsive and easy to work with. I highly recommend her."


–Polly S.



"It's uncanny how much she "gets" me. I wasn't sure what I wanted, I certainly couldn't articulate it, but she was able to really listen, took notes, and put together the most exquisite plan for our new house. It's exactly right! I am super excited!! She has the perfect background for her work as well. I highly recommend Joyce Marie Interiors!!"


–Lisa D.



"Joyce was so helpful and pleasant to work with. She understood my budget and provided great ideas on paint colors, furniture placement, lighting ideas and other great decorating tips. I highly recommend her. I enjoyed working with her and am very satisfied with the services received."


–Jane B.



"Joyce was incredibly flexible when we went from a major design overhaul in a previous house, to (instead) buying a new house and needing a furniture lay out/artwork set-up. Joyce was also exceptional in assisting us in setting up an estate sale, which we ran ourselves instead of hiring an outside company/agent. The estate sale was very successful, and the set-up/pricing helped push large crowds through in two days. We will definitely use Joyce this summer to design interior colors of bedding, window treatments, new furniture pieces, and updated artwork choices for our new home."


–Laura Jane S.



"Joyce is a joy to work with and has a true ability to get your likes/ideas out of your head and into your house!"


–Elaine C.

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