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Joyce Marie Hurdlow


Joyce Marie Hurdlow

Composing Beautiful Spaces



I believe that our surroundings have a profound impact on us.  When we surround ourselves with beauty, and composition that is pleasing to the eye, our mood is impacted.  The effect can be serene and calming, joyful and stimulating, or warm and enveloping. Our lifestyle is enhanced. The environment in your home matters tremendously.


The process I use to develop and implement a design plan is highly collaborative, which helps me to create rooms that reflect the personality and passions of the people who live their lives there.  I am an eager and enthusiastic communicator and as the project proceeds, you can expect me to regularly reach out to you with updates, questions, ideas and feedback.  Together we will create something beautiful that you will love.



I have a Bachelors degree in graphic art and art history but I have been decorating houses ever since childhood when my artist mother encouraged me to choose the wallpaper, paint and linens for my bedroom.  As we always seemed to be moving, this became a regular event and something I always looked forward to.  I started devouring my mother’s copies of Architectural Digest as a small child and started drawing and painting from the time I could hold a pencil or a paintbrush.  The design principles of harmony, balance and scale apply to the composition of a room as they do to a painting.  


Beautiful interiors are my passion and I think the process of creating them should be fun!





Client Survey:  This is an opportunity for me to learn about you and your family and how you use, or would like to use, the various spaces in your home.  I also get to know about your lifestyle such as whether you are a practicing gourmet cook or someone who uses their oven for storing out of season clothing.  You also have a chance to tell me if you have strong design preferences or if you need to learn more about design genres.  We will also discuss budget at this point to make sure we are all on the same page and that it is appropriate to the scope of the project and what you want to accomplish.


Image Board Creation:  It is important to have a plan and to understand the outcome we are aiming to achieve through it.  That plan drives the decisions we make when choosing furnishings, accessories and art.  After our initial consultation and client survey, I will create an image board and a written description of the design concept that I’m recommending. We then get together to discuss the concept and come to an agreement on the end result we are setting about to achieve.  I appreciate many genres of design and love working on everything from classic to contemporary. 


Floorplan:  I will measure all of your rooms and any existing furniture that you want to incorporate into the new design.  If your project is new construction, I will work off your architectural prints.  I will provide you with a furniture layout for each room that is part of the project.  The scale of furniture and art is super integral to the success of the overall design so it is critical to get this right.


Procurement of Furnishings, Art and Accessories:  Once the plan is established, I will go about obtaining the furnishings, art and accessories for your home.  At this stage, you the client can be as involved or uninvolved as you prefer.  I have access to “to the trade” showrooms but don’t represent any specific furniture lines. As a result, it makes no difference to me if we find that perfect side table from a high-end manufacturer or score a great deal at a discount store, consignment shop or even a flea market.


Installation:  I will oversee the installation of furnishings, window treatments, accessories and art to make sure that everything comes together as planned.  

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