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Downtown Austin Highrise Project

Stunning views of the setting sun over Lady Bird Lake served as the inspiration for the makeover of this downtown Austin condo. The redesign began with a new floorplan, relocating the dining area to take advantage of the view. The new color palette of eggplant, violet and grey with coral accents is vibrant and warm. Iridescent glass mosaic tiles applied to the front of the bar reflect light from windows opposite and the "barely there" clear acrylic bar stools keep them from being obstructed. Artwork and accessories have an Asian accent indicative of the couple's many travels there.

The gorgeous contemporary rug served as an inspiration piece and ties the colors of the dining room, living room and kitchen together giving this condo a cohesive decor.

This kitchen was transformed by extending the countertop for better dining and tiling the front of the bar area with glass tile. The deep eggplant color of the walls brings out the warm golden tones of the cabinetry. The stunning mirrored armoire adds storage space and sparkle.

The glow of the westward facing windows at sunset provided the inspiration for the entire color palette. Residents and their guests can now take in an ever-changing and breathtaking view of the bridges over Lady Bird Lake and the downtown Austin skyline.

The use of purples, corals and hints of gold reflect the tones of the setting sun. Grey draperies, with blackout lining, offer a cool contrast to the warm tones as well as a practical benefit of blocking heat in the summer.

The living and dining area of the home were completely reoriented. The dining area is repositioned to the space within the windows, taking advantage of a stunning view of Lady Bird Lake and downtown Austin. The color palette was chosen to reflect the hues of the setting sun. An ottoman upholstered in plum leather appears to float on acrylic legs.

The niche in which the TV is mounted is also painted in an eggplant hue which helps mitigate the dark appearance of the TV when it is off and helps it to "disappear". Chinese art pieces hold personal meaning for the residents and create a beautiful glow when the sun is setting.

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